Ocotillo Wells SVRA North, Truckhaven

California State Vehicle Recreation Area

In 2007 California State Parks acquired lands north of S-22 in Imperial County. This area has been known as Freeman, Desert Cahuilla and Truckhaven Hills. In 2010 a southern section of the land formally became part of Ocotillo Wells SVRA.

No fees are required for camping or use.

12,000 Acres

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Camping is open throughout the area.



Dogs are permitted on leash. Dogs off leash are frequently lost in the park as a result of being frightened by the loud motor vehicles and/or illegal fireworks. A glow stick or LED headlight can be put on your dog at night so that it can be easily spotted.

Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles

Open to street legal vehicles on existing routes only.

Truckhaven is popular among Jeep and rock crawler owners.



Open to green sticker: Year Round
Open to red sticker: Oct 1 - May 31

Safety flags(whips) are required on ATVs.



Ocotillo Wells North SVRA Truckhaven

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Regulations & Recommendations

Bring a lot of water even for a just a day trip.
Do not drive over vegetation or destroy any archaeological features.
Alcohol is only allowed in your campsite.
No glass containers
Pallets or other wood containing nails are not permitted.
It is unlawful to possess or discharge any weapons in the park. BLM lands at the south end of Split Mountain Road are available for shooting.
Vehicles are permitted on existing routes only.


Ranger Station
5172 Highway 78
Ocotillo Wells, CA

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