Tile Service

Subscribe to the Tile Service

Receive a URL to use as an online map source in mobile or desktop apps.

Tile Service allows the map to be used in apps that do not support the downloaded formats.


Tile Service is a subscription based online format that is purchased separately from the downloaded maps.
Tile Service subscription includes MBTiles Map Creator subscription.

Customers that have purchased the downloaded map will receive:

  • 7 day Tile Service trial
  • 25% discount on a Tile Service subscription

iPhone Apps

Tile Service can be used in any app that supports XYZ, TMS or WMTS protocols.

Gaia GPS

App Purchase


  1. Download a TileJSON file.
  2. Upload the TileJSON Map Source on Gaia's website.
  3. The map source will be available in Gaia after restarting the app.

Guru Maps Pro

App Purchase


  1. Click "Guru ms" from a device with Guru Maps installed.

Desktop Apps

Free applications that can be used to view the map on a desktop computer.

ArcGIS Earth


  • Simple and easy to use, yet feature rich.
  • Display the map standalone or on top of an online source.
  • Map sources include satellite imagery, street maps and USGS Topo.
  • Create, import and export tracks/waypoints in KMZ format.
  • Track elevation profiles.
  • Explore the map in 3D!




  • Display the map standalone or on top of an online source.
  • Majority of features target GIS professionals.
  • No ability to manage tracks or waypoints.


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