Download the map

You will receive an email with a link to download the map after the PayPal transaction completes which usually takes about a minute. The link can be used to download the current version of the map until your subscription expires.

The map can be used beyond the subscription period but it will be out of date. For personal use, you may install the map on any Lowrance receiver that you own.

Loading the map onto your GPS

Video Instructions

Text Instructions

You will need to purchase the appropriate SD or MicroSD memory card for your GPS receiver. 1GB is sufficient but 2GB cards can usually be found for the same price. I recommend Amazon.com but they can also be purchased from BestBuy, Staples, Office Depot, etc.

  1. Download the map.
  2. Open the zip file and copy the contents on to the memory card.
  3. With the GPS OFF, insert the memory card.
  4. Turn the GPS ON.
  5. The map is now ready for use.

Memory card may not contain any other files!

Compatible Lowrance Receivers

Elite Chartplotter series
HDS & HDS Gen2 Chartplotter series
GlobalMap series

Not compatible with Lowrance XOG receivers.
Search feature will not work on HD receivers.
HDS Gen2 receivers manufactured after June 2014 require HDS Gen2 version 2.5 software from Lowrance.
HDS Gen3 and Ti receivers are not compatible.

Important Info

Map files are downloaded. An SD or MicroSD memory card will be needed for your GPS.

Larger cards that perform at higher speeds may not be readable by some GPS receivers.
2 GB memory cards will work in most units. 1 GB cards will work with all receivers.

Software Updates

Lowrance Software Updates for GPS receivers. Gen2 receivers should not be updated beyond version 2.5

Converting GPX Files

GPSBabel will convert GPX tracks and waypoints to Lowarance USR format that can be used on your GPS.




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