Use the map on your Garmin GPS


  • Loads onto any GPS compatable with Garmin MapInstall.
  • Not compatible with inReach Explorer.

7 Zoom Layers of detail

The map has 7 layers of detail used when zooming in and out.  Nuvi receivers will automatically adjust the zoom level based on your speed.  Because of this, you may find that the map loses detail when as you increase speed.  If you're not getting enough detail, zoom in on the map and the number of features will increase.

Adjust Detail Level

BaseCamp and GPS receivers have a setting to increase or decrease map detail. You can use this if you want to see POIs, roads or topo lines sooner than they appear by default. Use this with caution because it can clutter a small screen making the map less usable.


The map does not support autorouting. It will not calculate the distance or provide step by step directions from your current location to the destination.

Existing routing features of your GPS can be retained by using the Transparent version of the trail map with the street map currently installed on your GPS.


Search for trails and points of interest, if supported by GPS receiver.


Transparent map can be overlaid onto other maps.

Use the map on your computer with BaseCamp

Garmin BaseCamp is a free desktop application that is used to view the map on a Windows PC or Mac.

  • View the map on your computer.
  • Print or take screen shots of the map.
  • Create waypoints or planned routes to load onto your GPS.
  • Downloading tracks from your GPS to your computer for viewing, saving or sharing.

BaseCamp Training Videos by Garmin

BaseCamp Training  Videos

GPS Tutorials

Edit the name of a map on a Garmin GPS

Edit the name of a map on Garmin GPS using JaVaWa IMGname.
This is useful with GPS receivers that display a cryptic map name.

Convert GPX data to a transparent Garmin map.

Convert GPX data to a transparent Garmin map using JaVaWa IMGfromGPX.
This is useful with GPS receivers that do not support loading tracks.

Compatible Garmin GPS Receivers

Compatibale with all units that use Garmin MapInstall including:

  • Colorado
  • Dakota
  • Dezl
  • Edge
  • eTrex
  • eTrex Legend
  • eTrex Venture
  • eTrex Vista
  • GPSMAP 66i - (Sat Comm)
  • iQue
  • Montana
  • NavTalk
  • Nuvi
  • Oregon
  • Overlander
  • Rino
  • StreePilot
  • Zumo

Not compatibale with:

  • inReach Explorer(Garmin label on Delorme GPS)
  • Marine units

Installation on receivers without USB has been achieved by using MapInstall to create an IMG file on a USB memory stick. Then copy the IMG file to the Garmin directory of the device via wireless.




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