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California Trail Map is a map (not an app). Map files are downloaded then used in the app that you choose.

Purchase the map using PayPal or a credit card. You will receive an email with a link to download the map after the transaction completes which usually takes about a minute. The link can be used to download the current version of the map until your subscription expires.

The map can be used beyond the subscription period but it will be out of date. For personal use, you may install the map on any Android, Windows or Mac device that you own.

Locus Map - Installation of MBTiles Map

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  1. Download the CaliforniaTrailMap.mbtiles file onto your PC, Mac or Android device.
  2. Install Locus Map Free or Locus Map Pro.
  3. Copy CaliforniaTrailMap.mbtiles to the \Locus\maps directory on your Android.
  4. Start Locus Map on your device.
  5. Locus map will initialize the newly added map.
  6. Go to Settings > Maps
  7. Select Offline
  8. Select California Trail Map

Localization Settings

Default units are metric.

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Languages & Units.
  3. Change Formats to Imperial - Feet, Miles, Fahrenheit, etc.


  • Copying the map file into the \Locus\maps directory can be done from a PC, Mac or with an Android File Manager app.
  • Locus Map is not recommended for older devices as map initialization can take over 30 minutes. Map initialization takes about a minute on a newer device and only occurs the first time the app is started after adding or updating the map.
  • Ability to overlay a the map onto satellite imagery.
  • Paid version cost approx $8.
  • Free version includes advertisements and has less functionality.
  • Map directory can be changed to use memory card.

Updating A Map

  1. Close and Exit Locus Maps.
  2. Copy the updated map to the \Locus\maps directory on your Android device.

Locus Map - MBTiles Satellite Overlay

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Extend Online Map Providers

This will add Google, ESRI, Bing and other sources to the list of online maps that can be used.

  1. Close Locus Maps
  2. Install Locus - addon Map Tweak (free).
  3. Start Locus Map Tweak
  4. Select Let's GO!!!
  5. Check all boxes.
  6. Select Tweak the MAPS!!!
  7. Select Exit!
  8. Start Locus Maps

Enable Map Overlay

This will allow you to view the trail map on top of other maps such as satellite imagery or topo.

  1. Select blue Map Content Tab
  2. Select Map Layers
  3. Select Map Overlays
  4. Enable Overlay
  5. Select a Transparent version of California Trail Map.
  6. Close the dialog box.
  7. Select a basemap to display under the transparent map.

Download Managers

Download the map faster and more reliably with a download manager.

Use the map on your Android device

  • No Internet connection is required.
  • Transparent map can be overlaid onto satellite imagery.
  • Two map format options.

Mapsforge Vector Format - NEW!

  • One click install.
  • 115 MB required for map.
  • 1.2 GB required for topo background.
  • Can be used with any app that supports Mapsforge offline maps.
  • Cartograph Pro can be used to view this format on a Mac or Windows PC.

App Options

Topo and satellite overlay require paid version of Locus Map Pro or Cartograph Maps.

MBTiles Raster Format - Legacy

  • MBTiles map is installed manually.
  • 3 GB required for each Transparent map(southern, central).
  • 3.5 GB required for each Land Boundary map(southern, central).
  • 4 GB required for each California Topo map (lower resolution - southern, central).
  • Up to 4 GB required for each County Topo map (high resolution).
  • Can be used with any app that supports MBTiles offline maps.
  • MapTiler can be used to view this format on a Mac or Windows PC.

App Options

Satellite overlay requires paid version of Locus Map Pro.

Tile Service

The Tile Service is a subscription based online format that is purchased separately from the downloaded maps. It allows the map to be used in apps that do not support downloaded formats (Mapsforge, MBTiles).

Mobile apps typically provide functionality to download and cache map tiles for offline use. The Tile Map Service URL can be used with mobile and desktop applications.

California Trail Map Android app!

Subscriber Features

  • Installs the map into the supported apps.
  • Saves subscription information for future updates.
  • Notification when map updates become available.
  • Map legends.

Non-Subscriber Features

  • Installs a SAMPLE section of the map into the supported apps.
  • Map legends.

California Trail Map

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More Info

Search feature will only work with Cartograph Maps using Mapsforge vector format.

GPS capabilities are limited by device hardware. Some WiFi only devices do not provide location services unless connected to a WiFi hotspot.




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