Update History

California Trail Map - June 2018

New Smartphone Format - Significant Shrinkage!

California Trail Map is now available in Mapsforge vector format!

Advantages of the new format:

  • Files are much smaller.
    • Trail map is 115 MB.
    • Topo background is 1.2 GB.
  • One click to download and install.
  • Visual appearance of the map can be adjusted via app settings or map theme.


The new format will work in any application that supports Mapsforge vector format. The following apps have been tested.


  • Cartograph 2 Maps
    • Supports POI and trail search.
  • Locus Maps Free
  • Locus Maps Pro
  • OruxMaps
  • BackCountry Navigator
  • Cartograph 2 Maps
    • Map can be overlaid onto satellite imagery or other online maps.
    • Supports POI and trail search.
Mac and Windows Desktop
  • Cartograph Pro
    • Map can be overlaid onto satellite imagery or other online maps.
    • Supports POI and trail search.
    • Cartograph provides a discount if Android or iOS app is purchased first.

Visual Appearance

The visual appearance of the vector map can be adjusted in several ways.

App Settings
Apps provide settings to adjust the resolution of the entire map or just text size. Theme Menu
Map theme a menu to change the appearance.

  • Land Boundary, Topo and Transparent background selection.
  • Non-Motorized trails can be hidden.

Theme Customization
Themes are user editable XML files. If you're compelled, you can edit the theme to your liking. More details can be found on the website or in the theme file.


Topo and Satellite
Topo background is installed as a separate map. Map overlay feature is use to display the trail map on top of the topo background or satellite imagery.

  • Cartograph maps configures the topo map automatically.
  • Locus Maps requires a few steps detailed on the website (same as using the transparent MBTiles map on satellite imagery in the past).

Topo background coverage area exceeds the trail map coverage area. You will not need to update the topo background each time the trail map is updated. It will be quite a while before the trail map reaches the bounds of the topo background.

Hill Shading
Hill shading can be added to Locus Maps Pro by downloading the elevation data from the website or app, then enabling it in settings. It looks really nice when combined with the Land Boundary background. The elevation data can also be used to display the elevation adjacent to the cursor.

California Trail Map Android app!

  • Installs the vector map into supported apps.
  • Installs elevation data into Locus Maps.
  • Saves subscription information for future updates.
  • Notification when map updates become available.
  • Map legends.

California Trail Map

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Additional Information

There have been no updates to the coverage area in this release.

MBTiles raster format will remain. The Mapsforge vector format is new option.




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