Update History

Anza-Borrego Explorer - June 2013 Release

Coverage Area Includes All of San Diego County

9,000+ sq miles of terrain
2,800+ miles of non-motorized trails.
2,700+ miles of motorized dirt roads and trails

All Public Lands in San Diego County:

  • Open Spaces
  • City Parks
  • County Parks
  • State Parks
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Cleveland National Forest (south)
  • California Fish and Wildlife
  • US Fish and Wildlife
  • Nature Preserves
  • Water District
  • Port Authorities

Color Coded Trails

Trails are color coded to indicate if regulations permit hiking, biking, horseback or off-roading.

  • Green - Hiking, Biking and Horseback
  • Blue - Hiking and Biking
  • Purple - Hiking and Horseback
  • Red - Hiking
  • Orange - Off-Roading, Motorcycles or ATVs
  • Gray - Dirt Road
  • Black - Paved Road

Topo and Land Boundary Backgrounds

Two maps are now included; Land Boundaries and Topo Gradient.

Land Boundaries
Color coded background to indicate land ownership boundaries. Restricted areas are indicated with a spotted background. The name of the park, preserve, open space, etc is displayed by touching the GPS screen or on hover in BaseCamp (PC/Mac).

Topo Gradient

  • Altitude is indicated by a color gradient that is white at sea level and changes to yellow as the terrain rises.
  • Topo lines are displayed at 1000', 250', 50', 25' intervals depending on the zoom level.

Additional Enhancements

Trails and POIs can now be searched using your GPS or Basecamp on PC/Mac.

Points of Interest
More POIs and icons to make it easy. See the website for a complete legend.

GPS Display
Garmin receivers will now display the current road or trail if the receiver is capable.

More Info

New Coverage Area
The new coverage area is 90% complete. The remaining 10% of trails are non-motorized. You might see some random trail fragments in the outback. I expect to have the full coverage area complete in August.

Otay Mountain
I’ve been in communication with the BLM office that administers Otay Mountain. They are currently in the process of changing “the plan” for the area. The plan that they’re expecting to approve will be closing a some roads in the area. Puebla Tree runs from Otay Truck Trail along the border to Marron Valley is expected to be closed soon. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy it, do so now.

New Name! San Diego Trail Map
The name of the map has been changed to go along with the new territory.




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