Update History

California Trail Map - April 2017

Coverage Updates

Coverage area has been increased to include Fresno county with portions of Mariposa and Madera counties. The northwest corner of the Sierra National Forest will be included in the next release.

Non-motorized trails have increased from 28,515 to 30,650 miles.
Motorized dirt roads and OHV trails have increased from 39,825 to 42,300 miles.

The following areas have been added:

  • Sierra National Forest!
  • Ansel Adams Wilderness (southern)
  • Dinkey Lakes Wilderness
  • John Muir Wilderness
  • Kaiser Wilderness
  • Millerton Lake SRA
  • Monarch Wilderness

Zoom Level Note

The Sierra National Forest is densely populated with trails. The seven zoom layers of the map prevent it from turning into trail spaghetti. There are hundreds of dead end spurs that you will only see if you zoom into the lowest level. They range in length up to a half a mile or more. In other areas of the map, spurs of these lengths might normally be displayed at a higher zoom level because there isn't much else in proximity. Many trails in the Sierra National Forest will appear at a lower zoom level to provide clarity at higher levels.




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