Update History

California Trail Map - March 2020

Tile Service

California Trail Map is now available as a Tile Service! The Tile Service allows the map to be used in apps that don’t support any of the downloaded formats.

What is a Tile Service?

It’s a URL that enables apps to download map tiles directly. It eliminates the manual steps of downloading and installing the map. The URL copy is pasted into any app that supports XYZ, TMS or WMTS protocols.

iPhone Apps

Gaia GPS and MotionX GPS are frequently requested apps that can now be used with the Tile Service! They both support offline tile caching. Instead of loading the entire map, you use the app to load the areas you need.

Gaia GPS
  • Standard Membership required to use maps. $20/year.
  • Premium Membership required to layer multiple maps. $40/year.
  • Use this link to receive 3 free months of Gaia Premium.
MotionX GPS
  • App purchase ($2) and Custom Map URLs add on ($5) required.

Windows App

ArcGIS Earth is free, it’s easy to use and it’s awesome!

  • California Trail Map can be displayed standalone or on top of online maps.
  • Built in map sources include satellite imagery, street maps and the classic USGS Topo.
  • Tracks and waypoints can be created, imported and exported.
  • Tracks can be viewed as an elevation profile.
  • Explore the map in 3D on top of satellite imagery. It has a realistic feel while motion.


Yearly subscription cost is $23.99.
Customers that have purchased the downloaded map will receive:

  • 7 day Tile Service trial
  • 25% discount on a Tile Service subscription




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