El Mirage

Bureau of Land Management - OHV Area

Open riding area. Fee is required for entry.
The smooth dry lake bed is used for high speed racing.

24,000 Acres

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Camping is permitted in most areas of El Mirage.



Dogs are permitted on a leash.

Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles

Open to street legal vehicles.



Open to green sticker: Year Round
Open to red sticker: Oct 1 - May 31



El Mirage OHV Area

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Map Legend
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Regulations & Recommendations

The El Mirage OHV Area is a No Shooting Area.
Possession or use of any glass container, empty or not, used for carrying any liquid for drinking purposes is prohibited.

Most of the area is surrounded by a fence to prevent encroaching on nearby private property.


El Mirage OHV Area Recorded Info
Barstow Field Office
2601 Barstow Road
Barstow, CA 92311

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Map Legend




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