Locus Map Settings

Map Theme - Version 4

Map theme defines the visual style and can be used to customize the map.

  • Select the Map-screen content icon.

    • Select the Map theme icon.
    • Select the CA Trail Map theme.
    • The CA Trail Map HD theme displays objects at higher levels.
    • Optionally, change the map background.
    • Transparent is used to display the map on top of other maps or imagery.
    • Topo HD option displays topo lines at higher levels.

Map Overlay

Map overlay feature is used to display the trail map on top of the topo background or satellite imagery.

  • California Trail Map on topo background.

    • Navagate to Maps.
    • Select the base map of your choice: CA Topo Background or any other map.
    • Navagate to Map Layers.
    • Select Map Overlays.
    • Enable Overlay.
    • Select California Trail Map as the overlay.
    • Navigate to Map Themes.
    • Select CA Trail Theme Locus.
    • Select Topo for the topo map.
    • Select Transparent when displaying on top of any other map.
  • California Trail Map on satellite imagery.

Hill Shading

Hill Shading can be added to any map. Map shading features can impact performance. Elevation data is processed and rendered on the fly.

  • Land Boundary background with hill shading.

    • Download Elevation Data from website or app.
    • Navagate to Map Layers.
    • Select Map Shading
    • Enable Map Shading.
    • Select Hill Shading.

Incease Map Resolution

Phones tend to compress the map layout. Map resolution can be increased to make it easier to view.

    • Navigate to Settings \ Maps \ Advanced Features
    • Select Increase Map Resolution
    • Enable then select desired map resolution.

Text Size

Increasing the map resolution can increase the text size too much. Text Size can be adjusted to compensate.

    • Navigate to Settings \ Maps \ Offline Maps
    • Select Text Size.
    • Set desired text size.

Cursor Elevation Indicator

Elevation will be displayed adjacent to the location cursor.

  • Cursor Elevation

    • Download Elevation Data from website or app.
    • Navigate to Settings \ Maps \ Auxilary Graphics
    • Enable Dynamic Elevation.

App Directory

Resolves Error 12569. App unable to read Internal Storage due to Android security changes.

  • Select Settings

    • Select Miscellaneous
    • Select Default directories
    • Select Set the main directory
    • Select Private folder in the internal storage
    • To move your data from Internal Storage: Select Load app data

Online Map Providers

Locus online map providers are updated when the vector map is installed.
This script can be used to update the map providers list.

Update Map Providers

It will only work when clicked on an Android device with Locus Map installed!




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