Mapsforge Vector For Smartphones

Customize Map Theme

The visual style of the Mapsforge smartphone map can be customized by editing the XML theme file.
Prior to editing the theme, check to see if app settings will address your needs.

Examples of changes that you can make:

  • Change line color, width or pattern.
  • Change the zoom level that elements appear.
  • Remove elements that you don't want to see.

Create a New Theme

  • Download current theme from the Mac and Windows Desktop page.
  • Extract the theme from the zip file.
  • Rename the directory to your new theme name "My Custom Theme".
  • Rename the xml file to your theme name "My Custom Theme.xml"

Edit New Theme

  • Mapsforge Theme Specification is here.
  • Open "My Custom Theme.xml" in Notepad++ or other XML editor.
  • Additional information can be found in the XML theme file.
  • Syntax must be exact. If you miss one quote or the entire theme won't work.
  • Note: Locus Maps themes are a variant of the Mapsforge theme specification.

Install New Theme - Manually

  • Android: Copy "My Custom Theme" directory into the themes directory for the app:
    • Back CountryNavigator
      • \bcnav\mapstyles
    • Locus Maps
      • \Locus\mapsVector\_themes
    • OruxMaps
      • \oruxmaps\mapstyles
    • Cartograph Maps
      • Zip "My Custom Theme" directory (include directory in zip)
      • Copy Zip to \Cartograph Pro\Misc
      • Use the Manage Styles menu import your theme.
  • iPhone:
    • Zip "My Custom Theme" directory (include directory in zip)
    • Use iTunes to import "My Custom Theme.Zip" into a Cartograph Maps.

Install New Theme - Automagically

Mobile applications respond to custom link schemes.

  • Zip "My Custom Theme" directory (include directory in zip).
  • Create a link to your custom theme using the appropriate prefix:
    • backcountrynav-action://
    • cartograph-theme://
    • orux-mf-theme://
  • Click the link!

Locus Maps has a similar scheme but it requires that you create an XML file that contains the link to your theme.




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